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We know how much work it takes to organize any event, and we want to make selecting a keynote speaker as easy as possible. You’ll find that if you book Chester Elton to speak at your next event, he will be the easiest speaker you’ve ever worked with, and all of us at The Culture Works will do everything we can to make you look like the star of the show.

Below you will find all the resources you need to make an informed decision about bringing Chester to your next event, including photos, topic flyers, videos, book images, and more.

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All In

Anxiety at Work

Leading with Gratitude

The Best Team Wins

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OMG, I have to say Chester has been our BEST speaker!!! He was engaging, funny, and had a concrete message. He was well received. His interaction with the audience was the best. I definitely recommend Chester to others at J&J!”

Gina Bilotti

Global Head, Project Management Organization, Johnson & Johnson

“During a leadership development program I was involved in, I was provided the gift of having Chester Elton as my career coach. During that time, I felt like I had a powerhouse of positivity, with practical and impactful guidance for upping my leadership game, in my back pocket. I often go back to what I learned from Chester because what he taught me becomes relevant in new ways as I continue to grow and I’ll always be grateful having him in my corner.”

Crystal Pettinato

Vice President, American Express

“Chester knocked it out of the park, helping our leaders understand part of their success in getting maximum results is through creating the right culture! I wish I had counted how many leaders came up to me throughout the week and said how much they enjoyed his session.”

Jean Burbank

Global Sales Leadership, Veritas

“Chester received a standing ovation. I’d say that it was a grand slam, home run to spearhead a cultural change initiative throughout our region. Chester’s approach to combine strategy and tactics, supported by real-world studies, was instrumental at not only gaining participants buy-in, but at inspiring our leaders and helping us formulate actionable plans to move forward.”

Glen Stambone

Northern Regional Medical Command, U.S. Army

Chester Elton is one of the finest business speakers I have come across in my 15 year professional career around the world. He spoke for 120 leaders of our Novartis General Medicines Team in Barcelona. Insights gained from his presentation can be used everyday, It’s creating a cultural shift in our organization that I’ve not seen any talk do!

Mohit Misra

Head of Talent Management, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

“Chester is an amazing speaker. He is engaging, entertaining and delivers a powerful message about how to create a culture of employee engagement. Our staff and leadership team left inspired and put what we learned tow work!

Lerzan Aksoy

Associate Dean, Fordham University

Chester was the ‘WOW’ at our conference. His ‘All In’ principles aligned to every aspect of our key messaging and reinforced the effectiveness of our approach. We can’t wait to continue this momentum and enthusiasm!”

Lynn Leblanc

Head of Strategic Planning, Aetna

“Chester was outstanding and delivered a message that fully aligned with our vision. The audience engagement was off the charts. He incorporated specific Fannie Mae examples into his session to make the message relevant to our employees. His energy and engagement style elicited many emotions from the audience but mostly laughter. They are still talking about how motivating Chester was! He was a fantastic ending to our annual conference!”

Carlos Perez

VP & Chief Credit Officer, Fannie Mae

An outstanding speaker. Chester’s valuable message was punctuated with incredible energy and humor.”

Kein Iriart

EVP of Human Resources, In-N-Out Burger

“Chester’s extremely high energy is contagious with audiences as he inspired and motivated our attendees. He really took the time to get to know Golden Corral and customized his remarks to be relevant for our restaurant managers and franchisees. He continues to rank among our best speakers ever and I highly recommend Chester.”

Erika Braun

PHR, CCP, Golden Corral Corporation

“Folks at various levels throughout our organization are still raving about Chester’s session. He received the highest marks of any speaker. Not only was he entertaining, but he put time into getting it right and the content really resonated with this group. That says a lot for such a quiet and cynical crowd.”

Lisa Stornaielo

Vice President Leadership Development, Fidelity

“Chester was a huge hit and personally inspired me to be a better leader! Not only did he bring relevant, factual data into his presentation about driving business results through engaging the workforce, he used humor and audience participation to keep the team motivated and invested!”

MaryLynn Carver

Chief Communications Officer, General Mills

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